18th May 2016

Sonoff (ESP8266) reprogramming – Control Mains from Anywhere

What’s a “Sonoff”? you ask Is it sold at Ikea? No, this is not sold at Ikea:) The Sonoff is a very small module, basically a wifi enabled wireless switch, based on the ESP8266 chip…

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25th Nov 2015

ESP8266 emonTX Serial to EmonCMS over WiFi

Do you have an emonTX, emonTH or any other serial printing sensor node that you wish was internet enabled? This might help then. What is it This is a small ESP8266 (Arduino IDE support) sketch…

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16th Nov 2015

Enable access to Mosquitto on the latest EmonHub

This post is just a note/reminder on how to enable ports on the low write emonhub / emonpi raspberry pi prebuilt image so you can then access the already installed MQTT Mosquitto server The Mosquitto…

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